Consult – Design – Install

Nourishing Landscapes & Pollinator Habitats

Design, consultation, and installation

  • Pollinator Meadows for Forage and Nesting
  • Pollinator Nest Structures as features
  • Meadows that support species diversity
  • Pollination support gardens, orchards and cropland
  • Water conservation recharges soil
  • Paths and edging increase ease of movement
  • Arbors and trellises create vine support and shade
  • Bee Houses and Bee Barns give bees chance

Site Analysis for habitat and food production

  • Soil nutrients, sunlight, and water availability/retention
  • Pollinator-friendly plantings and edible plant selections
  • Pollinator nesting features
  • Lawn becomes food and forage: culinary and medicinal herbs, vegetables, fruits, nuts and bee pasture
  • Run-off fills rain gardens, swales and ponds

Assessment of Your Sites Potential

  • Location of paths and growing areas
  • Plants matched to places on your property
  • When and how to maintain your plantings
  • Maximize enjoyment and ecological function of your spaces