Collaborative Designer – Consultant – Educator

Collaborative Designer

After some land clearing we have developed a very aggressive weed problem. Tom put a beautiful plan together that checked the problem, and we are implementing this plan now with Tom’s help.

We are impressed with Tom’s knowledge and leadership in dealing with an aggressive plant problem and would joyfully recommend him to anyone for landscaping, permaculture projects and especially for inviting pollinators into your gardens.

Dr. Stephan & Lori Gordon
Greenfield, MA

Collaborating with Tom Sullivan was a pleasure and a wonderful learning experience. His passion for his work was infectious–each plant we discussed from his “palette” evoked Tom’s joy and expressions of appreciation for their beauty and utility for attracting pollinators while benefiting the environment.

Tom’s thorough site assessment of my property and design planning ultimately translated into 4 large intersecting wildflower beds. He was able to direct the planting of each grouping of plants and patiently instructed numerous people who helped me make this habitat a reality.

Tom was always responsive to my questions and concerns and always had a warm smile and friendly presence with all those he worked with.

I look forward to working with Tom as my pollinator habitat grows and matures into what I anticipate becoming a gorgeous addition to my permaculture development.

Nancee Bershof, Greenfield, MA

I have employed Tom Sullivan as my landscape designer and landscape gardener. He has transformed my lawn into a most beautiful butterfly and bee garden and an orchard bearing fruit trees. He is very knowledgeable and easy to work with.

Thank you, Tom!

Martha Davey, Greenfield, MA


As a gardener, I’ve become more and more curious about the bees and other pollinators that constantly buzzed around me. I knew that there was more than just honeybees and bumblebees, but I didn’t realize just how large and diverse nature’s pollinators really are!

Tom’s workshop informed us of different families of native bees, about their environments and habits, and discussed ways with which we can be more bee conscious and bee friendly in our home gardens through creating habitat and by providing native plants in our gardens.

Tom’s enthusiasm about these fascinating creatures made for a positive and eye-opening experience and was overall a wonderful course. Now I am definitely inspired to look a little closer at the bees stopping at the flowers in my garden. Tom followed up by sending great digital resources for our continued learning on our own about the link between bees and native plants.

Lauren Weeks, NEWFS Intern, Framingham, MA

Recently, I took Tom’s Native Pollinators course at Garden in the Woods. It was fantastic! I am grateful all the additional electronic resources he sent. Very helpful.

Gretchen F. Cambridge, MA

Native Bee Habitat Design and Education was a very illuminating workshop. Tom provided a great introduction to the wide diversity of native pollinators (bumblebees, sweat bees, polyesters, masons, miners, ceratinas) and their adaptations. These pollinators are at great risk but rather than despair, Tom provides tons of ideas for “pollinator proliferation.” And his slides showing habitats designed with pollinators in mind are truly inspirational.

Gretchen F. Cambridge, MA

After hearing two of Tom’s very informative and inspiring talks about pollinators, I decided to increase the size of the flower beds in my home garden, specifically for the pollinators. Tom was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in picking the right plant materials, and I am now endlessly fascinated watching the amazing number and variety of these little creatures hopping from flower to flower.

Gregg Crawford, Greenfield